Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wine of the Week: Rolling Estate Wines 2005 Australian Shiraz

Beyond politics, literature and cultural topics, AltTulsa has an interest in serious food and fine wine. (Hey, we gotta sustain ourselves, so why not go for the good stuff?)

We recently bought a bottle of Shiraz from the Australian winery called Rolling. As with most bottles of Ozzie Shiraz, this is a rich and spicy red that starts with a big burst of dark cherry and blackberry flavor on the tongue.

The alcohol content is 13.8 percent, which is enough to give the wine some backbone and a reasonably long finish. For the price (about $10 at Ranch Acres in midtown), it's a good wine and a good price.

We had the Rolling Shiraz with blackened Mahi-Mahi, sauteed in butter and olive oil, and cooked with red and yellow peppers, sweet red onions, and served with sliced fresh avocado sprinkled with lime juice.

Yes, it's red wine with fish, but it worked magnificently: a great swirl of flavors and textures.

One caveat: This Rolling wine has a screw top, but the winery has a tag on the bottle explaining that the top is airtight so that we can all enjoy "its superb flavours exactly as intended." Works for us.

For more information, find the Rolling winery here.


Tulsan said...

The screwtop and the box are better methods than cork.

(Just so you don't think I have ZERO interests beyond politics.)

Anonymous said...

Its a intresting post

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