Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pot, Meet Kettle: The Blatant Hypocrisy of GOP Hatchet Man Karl Rove

Karl Rove has nerve. Lots of nerve. Too bad his nerve is in the service of lying and deceit.

As the former Bush White House political operator, Rove was the preeminent D.C. hatchet man, using the office of the president to build, in his own words, "a permanent Republican majority."

Now that his dreams of a conservative utopia have been shattered and Rove has been reduced to a windbag on Fox News, he sees his own worst behavior in the actions of his predecessors.

Now that the Democrats have criticized radio blabber Rush Limbaugh (poor ole Rush; his feelings got hurt!), Rove sees conspiracy everywhere. Here are some classic Rove quotes, revealing once and for all Rove's inability to tell his butt from a hole in the ground:
It's petty and it's small on the part of the White House. I mean, didn't President Obama come to Washington saying, I'm going to change the tone? And here he has unleashed his attack dog in Rahm Emanuel, and he's got Carville and Begala out there beating up on Rush Limbaugh, and for what purpose? I mean, you know, what's to be served by that?

And it's clear that this is -- that this is the same old style politics that we grew to really dislike in the 1990s, when the White House thought everything through from a political perspective, road-tested it by running polls and focus groups and did everything with a very keen eye towards the politics of the matter, not what was in the best interests of the country.
Hey Karl, look in the frickin' mirror. You have a long and nasty history as the master of attack dog politics, and now you're whining about this? Gimme a break!

Hypocrisy, thy name is Karl Rove.


Tulsan said...

Sometimes commenter here, Man of the West, quoted a RedStater over on his own blog:

"Anyone who reads bloggers on the left knows that the only thing they are truly interested in is heaping snarky derision on conservatives and Christians...these bloggers really only believe in one evil force on this earth, and that’s conservatives and Christians."

Man went on to agree:

"And it does, very frankly, seem that way to me. Just for example, I subscribe to one of the local lib blogs (which shall remain nameless here) and although I will give them credit for occasionally saying something about their literary interests, the reality is that day in and day out, their writing is an unending litany of look look look here's a Republican hypocrite Christians are hypocrites you can't believe what those guys on the right are saying they're all a bunch of unrealistic racist wingnut John Bircher communist witch-hunters!

"Seems to me that they've hardly any interest in anything else at all in the world, really--which leads me to believe that in large part, their distaste for all things Republican and/or Christian has less to do with reasoned opposition than it does with the visceral dislike lost people have for the Gospel and those associated with it. And that's something that any conservative Christian has to take into account when attempting to reason with such people; that is, reason may be wasted on them, at least as regards some subjects. Until their antipathy towards Christ is resolved, you will make no headway on other or related subjects."


(This is Tulsan, an anonymous reader, not AltTulsa speaking:)

It is true that I am very interested in pointing and saying "look, look, more hypocrisy on the right." In case you hadn't noticed, I'm mad as "hell" about it.

The power of these organized hypocrites has only in recent times begun to wane nationally. In Oklahoma, behind as usual, we just sent more ideological GOPers to the state legislature than ever.

I have many interests in the world, but you won't hear much about them here. I have no intention of compromising my anonymity. Because of that, I understand Man's desire for the same and will respect it.

The idea that my antipathy to hypocrisy is due to being "lost" I find to be, well, mistaken, to be polite. Something is wrong with that being your "go to" hypothesis... this Manichean outlook is a perfect example of what is wrong with this crew "leading" us.

The religious right approaches any problem, local or national, no matter how mundane, with this attitude: "My beliefs are correct, so if you disagree, you must be evil."

This arrogant approach bears bitter fruit, if you will pardon the Biblical allusion.

I will continue to talk about the absurdities that the Right collectively seems unable to stop serving up. I hope we collectively can remove their grasp from power in this state and the country.

This topic ("Pot, Meet Kettle: The Blatant Hypocrisy of GOP Hatchet Man Karl Rove") seemed a good place to drop in this commentary.

Tulsan said...

Rove is agnostic, by the way. He is simply interested in power. The latter is the overridingly important characteristic he shares with his client, the GOP.

Tulsan said...

Just learned a new word today, presuppositionalism. Turns out MotW is an adherent. Oh. No wonder he presupposes those who disagree with him are "lost."

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