Sunday, March 15, 2009

Radio Know-Nothing Laura Ingraham Mocks Meghan McCain as 'Plus-sized'

Ronald Reagan used to push the GOP's "Eleventh Commandment." The commandment was simple: Don't criticize your fellow Republicans.

Sounds like a sensible policy. Otherwise, Republicans will start sounding like Democrats, who often end up self-destructing in spasms of internal criticism.

But radio blowhard Laura Ingraham has thrown Reagan's wisdom out the window. On her nationally syndicated radio show (heard in Tulsa on KFAQ) this week, Ingraham mocked Sen. John McCain's daughter Meghan, casting her as whiny, superficial and "plus-sized."

So that's what Republican operators have come to? Making fun of a senatorial daughter's weight? Maybe it's true: today's GOP talkers have nothing of substance to say.


Tulsan said...

Meghan had some discouraging words about falling right-wing media star Ann Coulter. Ingraham is only about one step away from Coulter in obnoxiousness, so of course she took it personally.

But there is your GOP level of public discourse these days.

Slapped Enough said...

Well, dammit, at least da right-wing gotz some pretty HAWT chicks.

Tulsan said...

Slappy, you can have them.

Anonymous said...

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