Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Stim for You: Brodgon Thumbs His Nose at Funds that Could Help Owasso

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation announced 48 road projects Monday totaling some $230 million, the first round of road and bridge repairs funded by federal stimulus funds.

But don't expect to see much construction if you live in Owasso. That's because Owasso's state senator, Randy Brogdon, doesn't want the federal money.

In light of Brogdon's grandstanding, we have a suggestion for ODOT: Make sure none of the road and bridge projects go to Owasso.

Fortunately, Gov. Henry and other state leaders would rather fix the state's bad bridges and roads than play partisan political games.


Tulsan said...

Right-wing politicians have had great luck in the last two decades getting people to vote against their own interests in favor of feel-good ideological or religious decoys.

We're on the downslope of that absurd situation.

Tulsan said...

Too bad, Brogo. Don't dismiss my idea of you dissing Rush as a way to grab some attention.

Man of the West said...

The pitiful thing is that, had he not done this, you almost certainly would have accused him of the grossest hypocrisy. With you, there is no way he could have won.

Alternative Tulsa said...

MOTW: Perhaps you are correct. On the other hand, we're quite willing to praise political pragmatism. Getting things done seems more important than grandstanding.

Anonymous said...

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