Saturday, March 7, 2009

Steele v. Limbaugh: The Battle over the Future of the Republican Party

In this corner, the former Lt. Gov. of Maryland, Michael Steele. And in the other corner, the heavyweight champion (literally) of Talk Radio, Rush Limbaugh.

Let's get ready to rumble!

Out of power and out of ideas, the Republicans are turning on each other in what could be a long-term grudge match. Here's the latest on the emerging rancor on the right from our friends (ha!) at Fox News:

This week's dustup between Michael Steele, the new national GOP chairman, and influential conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh underscored the competing dynamics at play as Steele pushes to expand the party beyond its traditional base and Limbaugh warns that base not to stray from conservative ideals.

As a result, many prominent people in the party are laying low, waiting to see whether a unifying voice will emerge to lead the GOP forward.

Some say the spat over Limbaugh's speech last weekend at a conservative conference didn't help. Steele called Limbaugh a mere "entertainer" who is sometimes "incendiary" and "ugly," comments for which Steele later apologized.


Tulsan said...

There is little doubt that Rush will win this one.

Steele had already shown himself to have a tin ear, putting "off the hook," "hip-hop" and "GOP" in the same sentence.

But he committed the capital crime of criticizing the GOP's idol. Steele won't last long.

But further purity tests and purges within the GOP is great news for me. Get as pure as you can, you all.

Tulsan said...


Anonymous said...

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