Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tulsa World Editorial Gets It Right: Legislature's Pledge Bill Is Meaningless

Oklahoma legislators, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to enforce patriotism on Oklahoma school children.

That, at least, seems to be their intent. The state House voted last week to require public school students to recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag every school day. Oh, and to the Oklahoma flag too.

As the World editorial pointed out on Monday, this is what passes for education reform in the current Oklahoma legislature. Not to mention the fact that this legislation "fixes" a problem that doesn't exist—an outbreak of anti-Americanism among Oklahoma children.

Meanwhile, the schools remain underfunded, but many these same legislators wouldn't lift a finger to support public education if it involved, say, additional spending or tax increases.

This legislation is, as the World put it, "another meaningless mandate."


Tulsan said...

We're going to have to catch up with the rest of the country. Until then, we'll see an unending stream of nonsense and bad bills from our GOP-dominated legislature.

highschooljim said...

Unlike today's editorial, which gets it totally wrong

Anonymous said...

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