Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sen. Randy Brogdon Launches Run for Governor; Voters Ask 'Randy Who?'

Oklahoma political blogs are reporting that State Sen. Randy Brogdon, an Owasso Republican, will run for governor in 2010. There's even a website urging him to run.

Brogdon could be a long shot in the race for the state's top executive. We say that because the Sooner Poll is out with some early numbers and Brogdon's numbers look dismal.

When pollsters asked Oklahomans about their views of the possible candidates, here's how Brogdon came out:
Strongly favorable views: 1 percent
Somewhat favorable: 3 percent
No opinion/never heard of: 93 percent
Somewhat favorable: 2 percent
Strongly unfavorable: 2 percent
AT's statistical training is weak, we admit, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Brogdon is unknown. And among those who do know who he is, half of them view him unfavorably.

Brogdon may get elected in 2010, but it's going to be a very steep climb.


Tulsan said...

Brogdon... oh, great, another John Bircher.

Here he is in the Tulsa Beacon

"I sponsored SB 320 (the 'Scientific Education and Academic Freedom Act,' which was voted down) to combat the secular humanistic indoctrination that is taking place in government schools around the country including Oklahoma schools. Science classes have been teaching a lop-sided agenda for decades on controversial issues such as global warming, the 'theory' of evolution, and embryonic stem-cell research..."

Just what Oklahoma needs. How about another Ten Commandments monument, Randy?

Tulsan said...

Speaking of the "'theory' of evolution"...

OU HIV researcher and blogger ERV (aka Abbie Smith) has this update:

"April 7, 1933.

"Adolf Hitler signed into law a decree that any non-Aryan 'civil servant' would lose their job. This included every Jewish scientist and professor. Thus most Jewish scientists packed their bags and moved somewhere their intellect would be appreciated, with fate-shifting consequences. I know I'm not the only one that heard the old-wives-tale-- If Germany hadn't EXPELLED its scientific elite, they might have had the bomb before us.

"So it should come as no surprise to anyone that the current oppressive regime stifling hard working Creationist scientists in the US will lead us to a similar end. Brilliant Creationists are under constant threat of being EXPELLED if they don't publish research or win grant dollars. Creationists that EARNED tenure before these dark times are now forced to endure a steady stream of dirty jokes and foul language on the internet. We can only expect these geniuses to tolerate so much persecution before we lose them... and now they have an oasis to escape to..."

Turkey?! (read more at ERV)

Tulsan: This is reminiscent of a recent wave of conservative pundits threatening to "go Galt."

Let Dr. Helen explain:

"For those of you who have never read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, the basic theme is that John Galt and his allies take actions that include withdrawing their talents, 'stopping the motor of the world', and leading the 'strikers' (those who refuse to be exploited) against the 'looters' (the exploiters, backed by the government)."

Tulsan: Question -- if all these creationist "scientists" and right-wing pundits made good on their threat and "went Galt" to Turkey, would anyone notice? Or would the stock market get a little 5% bump?

Tulsan said...

If the idea of "going Galt" excites you, read more about it in the Village Voice: Rightbloggers Say: Go Galt! We'll Catch Up With You Later!

Ed W said...

My first thought when seeing that title was "Oh God, nooooo!" But then I realized he'd most likely not survive the primaries, and if he did, we'd probably elect another Democrat to the governor's office - or at least I hope we would.

Tulsan said...

How's it going, Galt? It's going.

More from the Washington Monthly

Slapped Enough said...

Fallin 4 Gov! Yep. She's HAWT.

Tulsan said...

Do you really talk that way?

Anonymous said...

How much you want to bet Monkey Boy is going to get on his high self-righteous horse and make a big thing about Fallin being divorced, even though the "affair" that led to the divorce didn't keep her from overwhelmingly winning each election since then.
Digging up bones from the divorce is his ONLY chance.
Of course, Monkey Boy already has KFAQ and the Beacon in his pocket.

Anonymous said...

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