Friday, March 13, 2009

Medlock's KFAQ Radio Show Bites the Dust

Chris Medlock, KFAQ talk show host, former city councilor and one-time candidate for mayor (he lost), is out of a job today, according to Tulsa blog reports.

Michael Bates, who should know, is reporting on Batesline that KFAQ has laid off Medlock in an apparent effort to reduce expenses in a down market.

AltTulsa never spent much time listening to Medlock, so it's no great loss for us. But for Tulsa's rag-tag band of malcontents and conspiracy theorists, this is bad news.

No, it's worse. It's proof positive that Tulsa's evil elements (read: midtown elitists) have prevailed again. We knew it!


Tulsan said...

KFAQ will plug in some syndicated right-wing yakker. Might as well put the station on autopilot.

Tulsan said...

I never heard Medlock's show. But if he was no more coherent on the air than in his blog or on the political stage, then maybe Laura Ingraham is the better choice for KFAQ.

Coming soon to this theater, starring Michael DelGiorno and Chris Medlock: "Gone with the Wind-bags."

I wonder what this will do to or for Bates on KFAQ?

Anonymous said...

Another KFAQ prick bites the dust! Could not have happened to a more deserving douche bag!

Slapped Enough said...

With twhrild on life-support, bates kicked in da teeth, A-T needs to git out and actually do some REAL local news, instead of grousing all da damn time.

Tulsan said...

Off da hook, man.

Anonymous said...

tulsanBring Chris Medlock back because he would shed light on the many versions of corruption in Tulsa politics. Today any government office filled by a democrat is an office filled by a socialist trying to bring our way of life to an end. Mr. Medlock was one of the few in the media that would try to keep them from doing so. To improve the station get rid of Pat Campbell, we want local talk not guest interviews.

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