Monday, March 2, 2009

Today in GOP Hypocrisy: Take the Funds You Voted Against

Oklahoma Republicans in Washington, D.C., are nothing if not two-faced when it comes to federal spending.

On one face, they complain about every dime the federal government spends. The government is wasting our money, they say.

On the other face, these same conservative Republicans greedily snap up every federal dollar they can for the Sooner state, bringing home the pork for Oklahoma.

That sort of response leads to headlines like this from the front page of today's Tulsa World:
State Republicans got $66 million in earmarks in a spending measure they opposed


Tulsan said...

I gotta tell you what I heard on KRMG the other day.

It is rare, and I mean rare, that it happens, but somehow I landed on Joe Kelley's morning show. He was talking to KRMG's D.C. correspondent, Jamie Dupree.

They were bemoaning the idea of tax increases for those making over $250K.

Dupree tried to build sympathy for the big bucks crowd by pointing out they might have very expensive homes and really be hurting if they got a tax increase.

Whereas, he said, $40K earners might be used to living within their means and wouldn't feel the same kind of pain in this economy.

Does Dupree think his audience consists of mostly $250K+ earners?? What kind of idiot listeners would nod their heads to that?

Oh, yeah---KRMG's Rush-ified, BOORtz-ified and Hannitized listeners.

Maybe the big bucks guys could reduce their stress levels by downsizing their lifestyles to the $40K level, and giving the excess to their favorite televangelist.

Anonymous said...

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