Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One Month Anniversary of the Great Michael Bates Backdown

That's right, sports fans. It's been a full month since Tulsa columnist and blogger Michael Bates retracted his Urban Tulsa Weekly comments about the circulation figures of the Tulsa World. 

In January, Bates wrote that the World had lied about its circulation practices. When the World cried foul and filed a libel suit, Urban Tulsa backed away from the story and apologized, but Bates hung tough. 

On his popular blog, Batesline, Bates originally defended his reporting and seemed prepared to fight the libel charges in court. 

Then, exactly one month ago, Bates folded. His retraction letter is a humdinger, complete with numerous admissions of error and inaccuracy. 

Our favorite line: "My research was flawed and information in my story was false and inaccurate, and I retract those incorrect statements." 


Trey Ballew said...

Why pour salt on a wound?

I lost some respect for Bates over his inaccurate reporting. Although my political beliefs certainly fall more in line with AT than Bates, posts like this make me lose just as much respect for you.

Tulsan said...

Just as much, as in they are equivalent actions?

Man of the West said...

The only word that came to my mind when I saw this post was, "adolescent."

Tulsan said...

Bates has no compunction whatever about dishing it out... repeatedly and "liberally." He can damn well take it.

If the shoe were on the other foot, conservative bloggers would be doing a victory dance from here to eternity.

I wouldn't be looking for, or valuing "maturity" prizes handed out by the right.

Slapped Enough said...

Batesline is beginning to look a lot like Tulsa Today.

Tulsan said...

But, as you say, HAWT.

Anonymous said...

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