Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Owasso Sen. Brogdon Planning Gubernatorial Campaign: Oklahomans Completely Apathetic

Surfing the Sooner state blogosphere recently, the AT crew found this underwhelming news item: Owasso State Sen. Randy Brogdon (one of our favorite John Birchers) has announced the formation of an exploratory committee for governor.

Good luck, Randy. You'll need it.

We say this because a recent Sooner Poll showed that almost nobody in Oklahoma knows who Randy Brogdon is.

If we remember correctly, Brogdon's state support polled at something less that 2 percent. Actually, if you round off the actual statistic, the support number is a mere 1 percent.

On the bright side, Brodgon could hardly go any lower.



Tulsan said...

Noticed the newly-energized, but unemployed blogger Chris Medlock was crying about Brogdon being relentlessly associated with the Birchers by the Tulsa World.

You would think the World could at least drive up Brogdon's negative numbers, but no such luck for him.

Tulsan said...

Brogdon's next bid to emerge from complete obscurity: Give back all $2.6 million of Oklahoma stimulus money! (Tulsa World)

I'm sure some other state could use a jump start on their economy. Good thinking, Brogo!

Now how 'bout that Ten Commandments monument to put you over the top?

Tulsan said...

I've got it! I've got it!

All Brogo has to do is dis Rush! Then he will receive national attention until the GOP mafia makes him take it back (which is about one day, unless the dis is done on Friday; then it's the following Monday.)

You're welcome, Randy, whatever I can do to help.

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