Thursday, March 5, 2009

Inane Republican Comment of the Day

Today's winner is none other than Tennessee Rep. Zack Wamp (love that name!) who had this profound observation this morning (on MSNBC) about the health care crisis  in America: 
Health care is a privilege. It's not necessarily a right. 
Really? This is the Republican response to the problem of expensive health care? 

So if grandmother gets ill, we're not obligated to assist her, right? Why should we? Health care is a privilege. Tough it out granny—that's the GOP way!

If junior is running a fever, too bad. Health care is a privilege. Suck it up, son. Suffering is good for you! 


Man of the West said...

You're asserting that you have a right to forcibly take money that I and my children might need or have use for from my pocket, via the police power of government, for the sake of taking care of your health concerns, and you think that Rep. Wamp's remark was inane? I can't help but wonder for what other "rights" you feel entitled to pick my pocket.

Anonymous said...

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