Friday, March 13, 2009

The Palin Family Saga: Bristol's Got a Baby but no Husband

Gosh darn it! That cute Hockey Mom Sarah Palin and her traditional family values aren't lookin' so good these days.

Now that teenage mom Bristol and her boyfriend have called off their wedding, how's that abstinence-only sex ed going up there in the Great State of Alaska? How's the traditional family definition workin' out over at the Palin household?

Based on events this week in Alaska, Gov. Palin's socially conservative ideals aren't very realistic, not even in her very own family.

Last year, here's how comedian Tina Fey summed up the governor's view of marriage: “I believe marriage is meant to be a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers.”

Well, at least she got the the "unwilling" part right.


comradi0 said...

Haha, but you forget. Its only wrong if you're not a social conservative.

If I go on in my thoughts here I feel I'd just he preaching to the choir.

Look around us. Civil War is on the AM and we are in the prime market. Rhetoric intended for people who only consider rhetoric when deciding how to feel.

I do think our government needs opposing ideas and parties but we all know what these folks are bordering on. They've lost their taste for democracy.

Now, we need and opposition. So... What are we doing here in Tulsa?

Tulsan said...

Boy oh boy, didn't see that news flash coming.

Videmus Omnia said...

You should probably do a little research before posting - Palin believes in contraception education, not abstinence-only.

Tulsan said...

Not so fast, Videmus.

You may recall Bristol Palin's recent interview on Fox. She said that her mother’s views on the effectiveness of abstinence education are "not realistic at all."

In fact Palin does strongly push abstinence. It's not either contraception or abstinence.

Tulsan said...


Contraception and abstinence are not mutually exclusive FROM AN EDUCATIONAL POINT OF VIEW.

Anonymous said...

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