Sunday, March 22, 2009

Eat Fresh, Local (Even Organic!) Food: Tulsa Farmers' Markets Opening in April

The AT crew loves to eat locally, so we're happy to promote Tulsa-area farmers' markets. The one we visit the most is the Cherry Street Farmers' Market, which will have it's 2009 opening in a couple of weeks.

Here's their announcement:

Our farmers' market vendors have been busy preparing for the upcoming market season. The Cherry Street Farmers' Market opens April 11th from 7 - 11 am.

Lisa Brandborg will manage both [the Saturday and Wednesday] markets and is looking forward to the 2009 season. There are new vendors who promise to add interesting vegetables and products to the expanding market selection.

The special events have been planned along with educational demonstrations. There will be music on the Gray Snail patio Saturday mornings.
As many Tulsa "green shoppers" will attest, local farmers' markets are a great way to find organic and locally grown produce and products, everything from veggies to honey, eggs, meat and more. Plus, they have music at the Saturday market.

Check them out here.

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