Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Dumbest Sign at Tulsa's 'Tea Party'

Tulsa's wingnuts and malcontents were on full display last Friday in Tulsa at a so-called "tea party," an event to protest the federal government or taxes or Obama or whatever it is these folks don't like. (We would like to provide a list, but it would be a very, very long list.)

We couldn't make it to the protest on Friday, but we paid attention to the news coverage and the local blog reports, most of which convinced us that this was a underwhelming collection of sore losers.

One sign seemed especially idiotic. It read: "220 years to build the republic--one month to destroy it."

Really? The U.S. has been destroyed in 30 days? Is Obama so powerful (and evil) that he can destroy the nation in 30 days? And we're supposed to take this notion seriously?

Back in the reality-based world, U.S. citizens are still getting up every morning and going to work. They're manufacturing things. They're building. The Republic stands.

And despite the bleak economic news, people are still buying things. Students are going to school and learning. Mothers and fathers are still raising their children and taking care of them. The Republic stands.

Although Obama's stimulus plan has just barely begun and may in time bring the U.S. economy back to life, these morons are already predicting the end of civilization as we know it. Seriously?

So the Republic been destroyed in 3o days? We don't think so. Nor do most Tulsans.


Tulsan said...

Plus, the whole Santelli teabag rant thing was probably a phony, orchestrated setup by CNBC: Rick Santelli’s Planted Rant?

Anonymous said...

Using 2nd grader language to rant against the right shows a glaring disregard of intellect on your part. Generally, leftists see logic as an inconvenient barrier to their dogma, name calling is SO MUCH MORE FUN and DRUG USE is much more entertaining than using common sense.
There is no point in discussing issues with fools, consequently any futher discourse or visits to this web of impaired aliens is finished.
(Sorry about about the name calling, I guess I sunk down to your level for a while)

concerned citizen said...

I love reading left wing blogs. If one of you could ever explain how this unparalleled government expansion IS NOT going to lead to runaway inflation in the long run, I'd love to hear it. Instead, as pointed out above - it's just a bunch of name-calling. Conservatives deal in logic and predicting outcomes, while liberals deal in the heat of the moment and not a second past.

As for how the nation is destroyed in a month, obviously that was a dysphemism meant to show that the CHANGE the new administration promised and has begun to implement is going to have dire and lasting consequences on the future of our nation.

Anonymous said...

Hey rightwingers coming here to name-call and then... complain about name-calling:

Go read John Maynard Keynes' book "General Theory of Employment Interest and Money". During an economic downturn, government can help by increasing spending and going into debt. Part of the reason for a recession is that there is less money in circulation. This is what happens when you give very rich people tax cuts ala Bush: they invest rather than spend, because they have everything they need. So there is less money in circulation. Government spending puts money back into circulation, to keep people employed. Go read the book before you make a snarky comment back.

Anonymous said...

The funniest thing is the complete lack of awareness on the right wing- Republicans controlled the entire government for the past 8 years, and now everything is gone to hell.

But no, their ideas are great! Really! Just ignore all of that evidence all around you. Durrr....

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Anonymous said...

Democrats took control of Congress in 2006, so Republicans were not in control during the entire Bush administration.

bilbo said...

This website is #4 in Google for "tulsa tea party" and none of the first three websites have not been updated since 2009...Tulsa has no "active" Tea Party. They retired in 2009, the year of their birth.

Cris Kurtz said...

not retired or dead, in an entirely red state, there is much less poll watching to do, no Black Panthers here, yet, occupy was handled correctly as should be, in court, witnessed a guy with Banditos colors riding a rice burner - now that is a sign of gang activity - Bilbo, did you want to lend a hand or just criticize?
Cris Kurtz, organizer 2009 and 2010 3,500 and 5,000 respectively