Thursday, March 5, 2009

GOP Fiction: The Obama 'Enemies List'

In a world of free-floating "facts" and make-believe evidence, anything is possible.

That is exactly the kind of thinking in the latest Matt Drudge fantasy, one that equates Richard Nixon and Barack Obama by tying them both to an "enemies list."

Back on planet earth, however, there's a big difference between Nixon and Obama. The difference is this: Nixon had an enemies list; Obama does not.

Despite this tiny factual problem, the right-wing noise machine has manufactured the Obama enemies list and hawked it repeatedly. Beyond Drudge, the enemies list idea has been pushed by (1) New Gingrich, (2) Lou Dobbs, (3) Tony Blankley, and, (4) Rush Limbaugh.

But Obama is not Nixon. Moreover, no one has produced any evidence that Obama or anyone on his staff has created any sort of list anything like Nixon's actual enemies list.

It's a Republican fiction, an Internet gimmick that Drudge made up to serve his own interests and feed the noise machine.

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