Tuesday, September 9, 2008

With No Ideas and Nothing to Say, Jim Inhofe Plays the Gay Card

The always predictable Sen. Jim Inhofe is out with an attack ad against Andrew Rice. 

According to the ad, Rice is a gay-loving, values-bashing, tax-raising leftist, out to destroy the good folks of Sooner Land. The ad is a sad commentary on Inhofe and an insult to Oklahoma voters.  

Inhofe hasn't had a new idea in, well, 20 years, so he has nothing to offer the people of Oklahoma now but gay-baiting and fear-mongering. 

It's vintage Inhofe. Vote for me, Inhofe's ad argues, so Rice and those terrible gay people and their tax-hiking allies won't infect all us good and proper Okies. 

News flash, Jim: Oklahoma has plenty of good and proper citizens (including some gay ones), none of whom are likely to be especially threatened by Andrew Rice. Calling Rice a zealot doesn't make him one, no matter how Inhofe's ad tries to manipulate the voters

In fact, there's evidence that someone smart and thoughtful like Rice could be effective in the U.S. Senate, unlike the highly partisan and poisonous politics practiced by one Jim Inhofe. 


Dan Paden said...

Can't say as I've seen it. I assume it's on Youtube. Might link to it when you get a chance, just so's others can evaluate your take on it.

...highly partisan and poisonous politics...

I'll give you a pass on the "poisonous" part, as most of the time you're less venomous than some I see. But you must surely be speaking tongue-in-cheek on the "highly partisan" part. You lot are as "highly partisan" as they come, y'know... :)

Tulsan said...

From the Oklahoma Gazette's article about Inhofe, "The Making of a Mountain," Feb. 6, 2008. First, flag-waving Inhofe ads, then attack ads. Right on schedule:
Mike Carrier, a longtime Oklahoma Democratic politico who has waged several campaigns to defeat Inhofe, said he expects much of the same in 2008. He said Inhofe will air ads starting in early summer "wrapping himself in the American flag with 'America the Beautiful' running in the background" before unleashing a volley of negative ads against Rice.

"If you don't have the stomach to get down in the trenches and slug it out toe-to-toe with Jim Inhofe, then you're going to find yourself bleeding on the ground," he said. "My advice to Andrew Rice is duck and cover. His children aren't even going to be immune. Nothing is sacred to Jim Inhofe -- nothing, except winning."