Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin Latest: More Bad Reviews

Another review of Charles Gibson's interview with Gov. Sarah Palin, this one from an editor at Bloomberg

The headline tells you a lot: "Clueless Palin Peddles Cliches Under Gibson's Glare." As you can tell, writer Jeremy Gerard was not impressed. Read the whole column here


Tulsan said...

Accurate and hilarious.

charleydan said...

Tell me to drop bloomberg for ignorance.

Washington Post and anyone familar with the coined phrase of Bush Doctrine knows it has four phrases.

So Gibson, which one are you referring to. He later clarifies and she answer.

Of course this was edited so bad that Gibson should be ashamed of himself. Of course I am sure he will claim he had nothing to do with the editing.

Tulsan said...

(Reposting my response from an earlier item where Charley said the same things, referring to columnist Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post)

Sorry, Charley, it is quite clear from the video that she was BSing like a student who didn't read her assignment.

She obviously had no idea of ANY meaning of the Bush doctrine. She was stalling and fishing for Gibson to give her a clue.

The link you provided is to Newsbusters, a right-wing propaganda outfit. I'm sure they and others will be trying furiously to spin away Palin's ignorance, but I'm afraid that isn't possible, not even by Krauthammer in the WaPo. He's got an extreme vested interest in the GOP, if you have read his columns in the Tulsa World.

From The Atlantic, conservative Andrew Sullivan on Krauthammer dated 9-12-2008

"Now we know how Krauthammer really thinks: what matters is not that what he has just described as an empty dress shouldn't be president. What matters is that Republicans maintain power."