Monday, September 22, 2008

Evangelical Leader Hits McCain's Waffling

Republicans in 2004 nailed Sen. John Kerry for his flip-flops. The GOP claimed then that Kerry kept changing his mind, citing Kerry's ill-phrased "I was for it before I was against it" line.

This year, however, the flip-flops are Sen. John McCain's. The Arizona Republican has racked up a long series of statements that make Kerry look like a model of consistency.

All of which brings us Richard Cizik, a prominent evangelical who has had enough from McCain. Here's a news item on Cizik and his criticism of the Republican nominee:

Richard Cizik is one of the country’s most powerful and outspoken Christian evangelical leaders. He happens to be a Republican, and he has known the GOP’s presidential nominee for many years. “I thought John McCain was a principled person,” Cizik says. “But John McCain has backed off, not just on climate change but on torture and a sensible tax policy — in other words, he’s not the John McCain of 2000. … He seems to be waffling on issue after issue.

It’s not illogical for someone to conclude that John McCain is going to be more like George Bush than John McCain is going to be like John McCain in 2000.”

Characterizing the GOP’s presidential nominee as an unprincipled waffler is strong stuff from the man who oversees governmental affairs and is the chief lobbyist of the 30-million-member Washington, D.C.-based National Association of Evangelicals

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