Friday, September 12, 2008

Duck & Cover: Palin Interview Reveals Policy Ignorance

ABC's Charles Gibson asked the questions, but Gov. Sarah Palin was out of her depth. She didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was (see previous post), so she faked it. She answered national security questions by ignoring the question and claiming energy expertise. 

Here's how Jack Shafer of Slate summed up Palin's first media test: 
Palin can't blame her muddled responses on Gibson, who treats her fairly and conducts himself professionally. Never mind about her not being ready to be president. She wasn't even ready for this interview. 


Tulsan said...

Editorial: Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter?


"...have you noticed that Sarah Palin has in a very real sense BECOME the Republican Party? John McCain has been reduced to an ogling lapdog."

"Naturally, the fundies are delighted, but fanatics have a way of losing their cool and acting like public jackasses, and Palin, like Coulter, just can't keep her mouth shut. She's SO out of her political depth, she still hasn't got it that she can't shoot from the hip about religion."

"Remember, she thinks she has an absolute hot line to God and therefore ALL "other religions" are at best comic books of the righteous path, if not openly in league with the Devil. Such a philosophy is NOT going to sell."

I looked in on RedState yesterday. The comments about Palin are a combination of nervous howls of "home run" for her Gibson interview, excuses for her monumental muffing of the "Bush Doctrine" question, and the standard excoriations of "Charrrleee" Gibson.

Palin in fact came off pretty badly. Gibson somewhat redeemed himself for his execrable performance as co-moderator of a Democratic debate by asking decent questions and he at least attempted to get straight answers from her.

This person could be the President of the United States in as early as 4 months if the GOP wins. Did America like what it saw in her? If so, then we as a country are barking mad.

charleydan said...

Yes, I do like what I saw in the interview and know what she believes which many do not.

Why? because most do not understand how our government came about and what those forefathers believed.

She takes our founding fathers documents quite seriously. Not a revised interpretation on the pretence that our times have outgrown the constitution.

The city of Wassilla did apply for pork from the state. Allowed. State from Feds, she despises. Just like she encouraged her fellow state employees to take coach plane fares as she did. But there choice. Same with State Pork from the Federal government. She encouraged for the citizens not to do it. And she herself did not. But she can not order it.

50 congressmen have signed that they will not take anymore pork for their state. Not one democrat has signed it yet. A way to pay lobbyists and I guess all the Democrats have some obligations to fullfill yet.

Just for the record on her prayer.
The prayer was not a hotline to God as you imply. Rather she was praying for mercy on her soul and the USA if the Irag war was not Gods Will. Just like Lincoln did for the civil war. They both believed that judgement will follow all their decisions against their Creator.

Like I said earlier, Charles Krauthmauer(sp) said Gibson was wrong and Palin had it right. He coined the phrase of Bush doctrine.

Well, I just stumbled across your site and will disappear now. Would like to think you would look for truth more dilengently.

Try or www.hyscience from now on for a conservative view of reliability.

I love how Obama spit in to McCains face with his lastest ad. Implying McCain is incompetant because he does not send emails.

McCains war injure/handicap does not allow him to operate one. This will come back to haunt Obama and shows his poor judgment again.

Tulsan said...

I've got news for you, buddy, quadriplegics can operate email, so I don't think McCain can use his war injuries as an excuse. A quadriplegic can use spell check, too, which I commend to you.