Friday, September 5, 2008

The Wit & Wisdom of Neal Boortz

Radio Blowhard Neal Boortz is known for his deep intelligence, mastery of public policy, and nuanced critiques of the civic life and the body politic. 

Right! And we can get you a really good deal on this bridge in Brooklyn. 

So what's the latest pearl of political wisdom from Boortz? It's this: Obama's a "left-wing goon." 

Yes, Sooner fans, a "goon." Apparently, Boortz is off his meds. 


Tulsan said...

"Nealz Nuze" item for the faithful: your boy is whacked.

Tulsan said...

On further reflection, right-wing talking heads often project their own proclivities and plans by way of their insults.

For example, the whole idiotic attempt to link Britney Spears/Paris Hilton with Obama presaged the acceptability on their side of Palin's pretty face, but zero experience and knowledge.

This "left-wing goon" phrase may have to do with Boortz' perception that the goonish tactics of the police against protesters in St. Paul will become more of a foreground issue.

It's probably intended to be an inoculation.

Opportunist and self-aggrandizer that he is, and with the "right-wing goon" charge pending, Boortz also wants to lay a basis to say that the left is merely reacting to his earlier statement.