Friday, September 5, 2008

Oklahoma GOP and Their Rose-Colored Glasses

If you listen to the Sooners in St. Paul, John McCain's speech last was a winner. "I think he did what he needed to come out to do," Chris Medlock told the Tulsa World.

The World also quoted Republican John Tidwell, who uttered this unintentionally funny assessment: "Unbelievable speech."

Indeed. Outside the glow of Sarah Palin's conservative halo, observers have not been so generous. One observer noted that some Republicans on the floor appeared to fall asleep during McCain's talk.

Other observes stayed awake, but they weren't impressed with what they heard. Here's one review:
CNN's Jeffery Toobin: “I thought it was the worst speech by a nominee that I’ve heard since Jimmy Carter in 1980. I thought it was disorganized, I thought it was it was theme-less, I thought it was very, very boring…I personally cannot remember a single policy proposal that he made because they had nothing connecting them. I found it shockingly bad.”

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