Saturday, September 20, 2008

Palin Latest: New Documents Contradict Governor's Troopergate Statements

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been sold to the public as a right-thinking reformer, an inspired and principled politician who is doing good in the world. 

The truth was never so simple. ABC News is reporting today that state documents they have examined contradict Palin's latest explanation for firing the public safety chief in Alaska. 

She says one thing, the evidence says another

For Sarah Palin, the pattern is clear enough: she's hardly the straight-up reformer the McCain campaign says she is. Inexperienced, unprepared, ethically challenged—this is not the person we need one 72-year-old heartbeat away from the presidency. 

Read the ABC story here. 


Dan Paden said...

Thanks for (contrary to your usual practice) providing the link. After reading the article, though, I cannot agree that

...state documents they have examined contradict Palin's latest explanation for firing the public safety chief in Alaska.

At worst, the situation can be described as he said/she said.

However, that's not the point that interests me. Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that all that has been said about Sarah Palin is true, and that

...this is not the person we need one 72-year-old heartbeat away from the presidency.

Why would it therefore follow that we need in the presidency someone who is arguably at least as

Inexperienced, unprepared, ethically challenged

as she putatively is? Although I will readily agree that I would like Governor Palin to have more experience, the reality is that she does have more executive experience than Senator Obama, and he has not even the smallest fraction of the experience that Senator McCain has. It has been delicious to watch you on the Left continually engage in the ludicrous and futile exercise of trying to convince people that your number one has more experience than our number two. That has been comedy of a quality for which I would ordinarily expect to pay good money and has only highlighted Senator Obama's complete lack of experience when compared to the top of our ticket.

Unprepared? You've got to be kidding me. Senator Obama hasn't even been prepared to consistently vote yes or no, let alone take charge of a governmental entity for the first time in his life.

Unethical? Again, you've got to be kidding me. There's so much smoke around that man that it amazes me you can see his face. Tony Rezko? ACORN? These don't mean anything to you?

Again, I would never in a million years pretend that McCain/Palin is my ideal ticket. God knows they aren't. But even if they're not exactly what I wanted, they're sure as thunder better than Senators Obama and Biden. I would say that even if the difference between the two tickets came down to just their differences on abortion (and I don't think it does). As far as I'm concerned, Senator Obama's and Senator Biden's hands are red with the blood of innocent babies, and even if every charge you've made against Governor Palin turned out to be true, to my mind, that would still leave her morally superior to either of those two.

Tulsan said...

As I think I've said before, Obama/Biden could be a lot worse and McCain/Palin could be lot better, and I would still vote Democratic. Keeping the GOP in power gives them carte blanche to continue their rape of both the country's principles and treasury.

As it happens, Obama is a pretty good candidate and McCain pretty lousy. Biden is pretty good and Palin is off-the-charts bad when she deviates from what is apparently her only canned speech.

McCain/Palin deserve some kind of mention in the Guinness Book of Records for most outrageous lies told in the shortest time. She very obviously is in the habit of winging it with a blizzard of nonsense. Obama is just as clearly is able to speak intelligently on an extemporaneous basis. Anyone who thinks this woman is what their country needs, needs his head examined.

Please wave your bloody banner at will. A majority of Americans favor upholding Roe v. Wade.

Tulsan said...

Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone hits it right on the head:

"...The great insight of the Palin VP choice is that huge chunks of American voters no longer even demand that their candidates actually have policy position; they simply consume them as media entertainment, rooting for or against them according to the reflexive prejudices of their demographic, as they would for reality-show contestants or
sitcom characters. Hicks root for hicks, moms for moms, born-agains for born-agains."

Tulsan said...

Actually, I think the GOP is collectively mad as a bunch of March hares. They will not stop until given a massive reality check, which does not bode well for the lives of us regular citizens.

Tulsan said...

I give you Sarah Palin and the Rapture:

"The public must presume that Palin believes in the Rapture, since it is one of the central doctrines of her church."

"...a belief in the Rapture as an historic event toward which history is rapidly moving, is a belief with potentially catastrophic political implications. Do the American people want a believer in such a fantasy to hold in her hands the nuclear power to destroy civilization?"

No, but the GOP is willing to use her as a (well-named) "Hail Mary" political ploy. There is no bottom to their tactics. They will do literally anything to stay in power.

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