Wednesday, September 3, 2008

News We Already Knew: Palin a Political Pick

Karl Rove, George Bush's political brain, has confirmed what a lot of people already knew: The selection of Sarah Palin was a political choice, not a governing one. 

This from John McCain, whose slogan, "Country First," looks more than a little cynical now. 

Here's the Rove confirmation of that cynicism in a nutshell: 
Karl Rove, the former White House fixer who's made a living in politics his entire adult life, praised John McCain's "brilliant" pick of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate even while acknowledging that the pick was motivated solely by politics rather than her ability to step in and become commander in chief. 
Wow! With this level of hubris at work in the McCain camp, it's no wonder the Palin pick has stirred controversy. 

McCain's new slogan: Pray that I stay healthy, because Palin's way out of her league.  


Tulsan said...

There it is, folks, straight from the ultimate source:

Palin: pure political calculation.

Biden was chosen to fill an actual need in foreign affairs expertise.

The GOP bozos deserve to be thrown under the bus and maybe backed over a couple of times.

Tulsan said...

Who should McCain have picked to complement him perfectly?

Maybe a nurse with international diplomatic experience, who is armed with sedatives for whenever McCain appears to ready to act recklessly and impulsively again.