Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Karl Rove Uncertain about a Palin Presidency

Republican strategist and Bush advisor Karl Rove spoke to a Canadian think tank in Toronto last night. Rove was asked if he thought Sarah Palin would make a good president. 

Here is Rove's not-so-ringing endorsement: "I don't know." 

As one Canadian journalist quipped today, If Rove doesn't know, it's time to start worrying. 


Tulsan said...

Rove still has so much mystique that people will assume his saying "I don't know" is some strategic master stroke.

Maybe he is just doing a little pre-distancing of himself from the coming GOP disaster in November.

Tulsan said...

Seriously, after watching the Palin/Couric interview, how could anyone with a pretense to intelligence have any regard for Palin as a candidate for any office, much less Vice President of the Untited States? It was downright pathetic. THIS is a potential leader of our country? It must all be a big joke...or a nightmare.