Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Wit & Wisdom of Right-Wing Radio

The AT team is never bored by right-wing radio. The inane rants of the Big Mouths of the Right are always good for a laugh, especially when they fly off into sheer speculation and paranoid political nonsense.

But even in the overheated atmosphere of Talk Radio, Anchorage blabber Eddie Burke crossed the line. In defending Gov. Sarah Palin the other day, Burke wasn't content to argue with her critics. Oh no. Burke decided to unload his venom on the good citizens of Alaska who had the nerve to criticize an elected official (imagine that!).

Burke's exact words: Palin's critics were "socialist, baby-killing maggots."

Such eloquence! Such poetry!

On behalf of all sober and enlightened political critics, AltTulsa wishes to congratulate Alaska radio's Eddie Burke for his rhetorical elevation of the 2008 political debate.


Dan Paden said...

Word. That's a nasty way to put it. But on the other hand, you don't really want me to go digging up quotes from Democratic Underground, do you? They have stuff worse than that every day.

And mercy. Have you seen that awful "MILF: It does a body good" poster that's been making the rounds? Enlighten me, please, on how that elevates political discourse.

In short, you on the left got no room to talk. As I've mentioned before, you gents at Alt Tulsa are about the most civilized I've run into. I don't even attempt to make conversation with most of the Leftists I run into; they go psycho on me almost instantly.

Tulsan said...

Dan, I'd see your DU with RedState's comments, and raise you with FreeRepublic. But radio broadcasters trump any of them. Michael Savage, Rush, Boortz, this guy in Alaska all have tremendously greater reach on our public airwaves than any comments on a blog that preaches mostly to the choir. And the radio is almost exclusively demogogic right-wing talkers.

Dan Paden said...

...the radio is almost exclusively demogogic right-wing talkers.

That's because demagogic left-wing talkers--Randi Rhodes and Al Franken, for example--are boring. :)

Tulsan said...

I've listened to much more than my share of Rush and company, and also tried Air America. I don't really care to listen to any of them on a regular basis.

Air America adopts the style though not the often dishonest content of the dominant talkers. But I prefer to read rather than to hear a better version of Rush.

I'm not sure left-wing radio could be successful, because the targeted listeners seem as a group not to appreciate the high temperature, low information style.

On the other hand, with the economy headed for meltdown, no small thanks to McCain's top economic advisor Phil Gramm, a new market for angry rabble-rousing may open up. Yee-haw.

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