Thursday, March 25, 2010

USA Today Editorial: GOP Lawsuits Are Legally Dubious, Sour Grapes

Oklahoma's Republican legislators are hyper-partisan operators, which explains why many of them are so eager for the state to file a lawsuit to stop the new health care reform law.

We suspect this is legal folly and would be a huge waste of state money. Today, we noticed that USA Today agrees with us. Here's a portion of their editorial:
Most constitutional scholars seem dubious that these suits will succeed, given the federal courts' long history of deference to Congress' authority to regulate interstate commerce, even when it comes to forcing individuals to do something they'd rather not. In a key 1942 case, for example, the Supreme Court upheld the power of the government to prohibit a farmer from growing more wheat than a national quota allowed, even though he insisted it was for his own consumption.


Tulsan said...

If I were Karl Rove, I might note that a toxic perception (amply based on reality) is beginning to solidify around the GOP. When they drink the Kool-Aid now, it really is laced with cyanide.

Clearly, a "new" Republican Party needs to be invented and quickly brought along.

The quick-setting perception needs to be shattered. How about a very pointed doing-in of Palin and Beck? They would be no big loss to the GOP as both are obviously about feathering their own nests and little else.

Beck would go bonkers and become the poster boy for the "old" GOP. Limbaugh and Hannity would accept their new scripts and go to work.

Rove might have Republicans try to out-Democrat the Democrats. They could be back in the saddle by 2012with the speed of the news cycle.

Just a little brainstorming. But without a drastic strategy, the GOP is going to need the paddles---stat!

Tulsan said...

But of course Republicans like Michelle Bachmann, Jim DeMint and Jim Inhofe are still bringing the stupid hot and heavy.

It has worked for them, and they are unlikely to give up the tactic any time soon.

Too bad.