Friday, March 12, 2010

Best Utah Scandal Ever: Legislator Admits Hot Tubbing with Naked 15-Year-Old

Political sex scandals are pretty routine these days (unfortunately), so it's not like AT was really shocked today.

But still…how many sex scandals come from the Great State of Utah, land of LDS clean living? No booze! No smokes! Not even coffee! 

Sure it was years ago, but the man's libido must have taken over and, well, she was cute and so what if she was only 15. 

Besides, it was only a hot tub. It's not like they had sex or anything. (They didn't, apparently. Only a massage, maybe.) Yet the hush money sure looks suspicious.

And then there's the young woman's life, which has been all fouled up as a result of her hot-tub encounter. Not good.

All this probably looks pretty fishy to Utah voters, who are unlikely to be amused. Get your full dose of scandal here.

UPDATE: Our favorite Utah GOP hot-tub king has resigned. The details here.


Tulsan said...

The only shocker in this story is that the massage-loving Republican in question appears to be straight.

Tulsan said...

And... he's out.