Monday, March 22, 2010

The Potted Plant Speaks: Rep. John Sullivan Makes Stuff Up

Tulsa has the considerable misfortune to be represented in Congress by Rep. John Sullivan, an Oklahoma Republican and world-class potted plant.

Never having had an original thought in his life, Sullivan hews to the far-Right party line. He grandstands, hems and haws from time to time and pretends like he has a clue. He doesn't.

Regarding health care reform, Sullivan was a solid "no," of course. But that's not enough for Sullivan and his pals. Oh no. Now they claim the bill is unconstitutional. 

We think this is highly unlikely, unless of course we get some very activist judges. Since the Republicans hate activist judges, Sullivan would seem to be working against his own interests.

We note too that Sullivan never mentions the basis for his unconstitutional argument. Last time we checked, Sullivan's legal credibility was slim to none, meaning his legal arguments are largely hooey—unless he can find some really, really activist judges.

UPDATE: Rep. Mary Fallin, GOP candidate for governor, is also claiming the bill is "blatantly unconstitutional." Well no. But thanks for giving us yet another reason to oppose the Republican nonsense of Rep. Fallin. 

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