Monday, March 22, 2010

LameOn6: Dart to KOTV Morning Show's Wimpy Interview with Rep. Sullivan

We know that television morning shows are superficial and mind-numbing, but there's still no excuse for the completely lame interview that the NewsOn6 conducted this morning with Rep. John Sullivan. 

Talking to Sullivan about health care is worthwhile. He's the First District Congressman, after all.

But the KOTV interviewer was not supposed to roll over and play dead, which is exactly what he did, allowing Sullivan to make a number of bogus comments without any clue that the congressman was blowing smoke.

Example: Sullivan claimed the health bill is unconstitutional—a stretch at best. The Ch. 6 anchor let it slide.

Example: Sullivan claimed that racial slurs against two African-American Democrats may not have happened. It's more likely that they did. The Ch 6. anchor let it slide.

Memo to Ch. 6: Do you homework. Read some articles. Ask some tough questions. Challenge some assumptions, for Heaven's sake. You are NOT in the PR business for Rep. Sullivan. Grow a pair.

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Tulsan said...

Our buddy, MotW says:

"It's early as I write, and yet I have already read two posts castigating John Sullivan for saying that Obamacare is unconstitutional. Mocking him for his 'ignorance.' That kind of thing drives me nuts..."

Well, sorry, but Sullivan clearly is ignorant as anyone who has listened to him should realize.

I recall the debate between Sullivan and his oppponent Dodd. It is difficult after seeing that to believe that anyone would find Sullivan a palatable candidate, but Oklahoma is a Red State.

Don't let it get you down, MotW. He looks good compared with Brent Rinehart.