Saturday, March 13, 2010

New York Church Sends a Message to Glenn Beck: You're Wrong

Glenn Beck's whining about nearly every idea this side of the nineteenth century is causing the Fox News know-nothing more static.

Beck complained this week that some churches are preaching (and practicing) the idea of social justice. Beck urged such church members to leave these churches—as soon as possible. Beck, a Morman, seemed to forget that his own church believes in, yes, social justice.

Now a New York church has challenged Beck directly, and is winning friends for its position. Jesus, they point out, believed in social justice.

The full story, from Think Progress, is here.


Tulsan said...

So Beck and Palin had a turnout at the Tulsa Convention Center of 5-6K. Not really too great a showing for the tri-state area.

$100 a pop certainly filtered out the uncommitted.

The audience consisted mainly of elderly white people. Maybe they had more disposable $$?

Or not... Oral Roberts had no compunction about relieving the elderly of their remaining greenbacks.

I doubt if Palin or Beck are burdened by such success-inhibiting feelings, either.

Tulsan said...

Man, the Tulsa liberals/progressives are slugging today:

Edgar: "6000 bitter white people commune to help enrich a delusional weepy goofball and a corrupt narcissistic hick."

ND52: "According to Glenn Beck, Bruce Springsteen's 'Born in the USA' is un-American. Anyone who takes these two seriously needs to hit the bottle."

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