Friday, March 12, 2010

Fox Anchor (and Beauty Queen) Gretchen Carlson Makes Up the News

Gotta hand it to Fox News. Instead of reporting things like facts, they just make up stuff and pass it along because—in an alternate universe somewhere—it could be true.

The Fox News motto: Give the people news they agree with—who cares if it's correct. (Facts are for silly liberals!)

The latest example involves the very blonde but empty head of one Gretchen Carlson, pretending to know what she's talking about in the case of a schoolbook controversy. (Even the textbook part was wrong.)

Heavens! The liberals are removing Christmas! They're removing the Constitution! But PolitiFact checked it out and—surprise!—she's wrong—Pants on Fire wrong.

Here's part of their report:

First, the board is hammering out changes to state curriculum standards, not textbooks. Second, the board is not considering removing Christmas from a list of various religious holidays. And third, the board has never considered removing the Constitution from history textbooks or the state's curriculum.
The "Fox & Friends" anchor made things simple and irresponsibly far-fetched and wrong.

Simple and irresponsible—an apt phrase for Fox News. The real (as opposed to the Fox) facts here.


Tulsan said...

Fox and Fiends: one and the same.

Man of the East said...

You miserable fools continue to amuse me greatly. Despite my lofty perch, your idiocy tickles my nether parts. For this, I thank you.

Anonymous said...

Haven't liked her since she beat (wrongly, I think, but who knows what the judges were thinking) two talented Oklahomans, Lori Kelley and Maya Walker, in the Miss America pageant. But, as Jon Stewart pointed out, she's not actually stupid. She's got smart-person credentials; she just chooses to play a bubble-headed blonde to further her career, and possibly her personal agenda. That's worse than stupid, in my opinion.