Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Obama Apology Meme: In GOP Land, Facts Don't Matter

Mitt Romney should know better. Romney, a probable candidate for president in 2012, is now out with a book, politicking with the best of them. No one should be surprised that he is criticizing President Obama.

Unfortunately, Romney is also exaggerating his charges to make political points. One recent Romney attack was the GOP talking point that Obama has been going around the world apologizing for America.

Republicans don't believe in apologies–except when they do. (We recall, for instance, George W. Bush once saying that he would approach the international community with modesty, something he failed utterly to do.)

PolitiFact checked out the GOP meme and—oops!—it's false. The truth is complex, as it often is, and Romney and other critics don't admit complexity on this (and many other) topics. 

Dang facts! Damn complexity!

This sort of reality keeps messing up the GOP's revisionist history. Read the details here.


Tulsan said...

Deep thought: the Right's anger is fungible.

In the 70's, they were angry about shiftless ne'er-do-wells reproducing excessively, draining the coffers and minoritizing (new word!) Caucasian-Americans.

That anger has now been applied to illegal immigrants.

And now, rather than worrying about too much reproduction, they worry about too little: abortion, birth control and the sale of eggs are emphatically on the "no" list.

Surely they would be at least a little OK with immigrants doing some birth control on a "don't ask, don't tell" basis.

Tulsan said...

They're killing me:

Birther's PAC (spokesman: Gary Kreep??!!) spent all but 2% of the money it raised last year. The 2% went to support birther candidates.

Hey, maybe if we liberals/progressives sit back and take it easy, the buzzards like Kreep (haw, haw) Beck and Palin will bankrupt the wild-eyed Right.