Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Blogs: Tulsa Today Goes Birther with Wacked Out Obama Column

The blogosphere is ripe with nutcases and conspiracy theorists, but few can top the so-called Birthers, fringe types so unglued that they insist the Barack Obama is a foreign national.

Obama was born in Kenya, so he isn't legally the president. Of course!

Or maybe he was born in Indonesia. Or was it Ghana? Or was the Canal Zone? Oh, that's right: He was born in Hawaii, but it was before statehood—so he isn't legally the president.

All of this is nonsense, of course, but don't tell the fine folks over at Tulsa Today. This local blog has published a new Birther column by one Joan Swirsky, who is absolutely certain that somehow, someway Obama is a foreign national.

Really? No, not really. Swirsky's column is highly delusional and wildly irresponsible, a mishmash of fantasy and made-up "facts" and baloney, total bulls**t worthy of the know-nothings at the Flat Earth Society. 

But it's not silly enough for Tulsa Today.


Tulsan said...

I'm acquainted with Swirsky's "work" from her previous ravings on Tulsa Today. She's a head case.

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