Thursday, March 11, 2010

Christians Push Back: Beck Criticized for 'Social Justice' Comments

Ah, good ole Glenn Beck. A man so simple that he says whatever pops into his head. Even (or especially) when he knows he's rightwhich is all the time. 

Beck, who will peddling his paranoia in Tulsa on Saturday, this week urged Christians to abandon churches that practice something terrible—social justice. That's simply a code word (Beck claims) for communism. And National Socialism, which is Nazism, which is why Obama is really like Hitler, which… you get the picture.

Some Christians, however, are fighting back, as well they should. The Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners, for one, has called Beck on it. Wallis points out that Beck, a Mormon, is ignoring the traditions of his own faith, not to mention centuries of Christian tradition and practice in other denominations. Oops! 

Read all about it here.