Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Christian Push Back Against Glenn Beck

Our man Glenn Beck has stepped in it this time. Never one to think before speaking, Beck this week attacked churches that practice "social justice."

Not surprisingly, some Christian churches and charities (Imagine: Christian charities! Beck's ears must be burning.) have reacted strongly against Beck's attack. 

Here's a brief example we found today:
Beck's linking of socially conscious churches to communism and Nazism hasn't sat well with some Christian groups.
Bread for the World, a Christian group devoted to eradicating world hunger, has started a petition to demand that Beck stop spreading "misinformation and fear" through his radio and TV broadcasts.
"Economic and social justice are central to the gospel of Jesus Christ," the petition reads. "Quit using your bully pulpit to spread misinformation and fear by comparing faithful Christians who care 'for the least of these' to Nazis and communists."

By the way, Beck will be in Tulsa on Saturday. If you have tickets, we suggest you demand a refund and give your money to the Salvation Army. 

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