Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pants on Fire Award: Rush Is Wrong, Part 246

Rush Limbaugh's credibility is not exactly sky high. Yet one of radio's most notorious serial liars keeps makin' stuff up, hoping that gullible folks will fall for it.

So when fake news surfaced the other day the Obama Administration would ban sport fishing, Rush couldn't resist. He has repeated this lie on the air, even though the whole idea has been debunked. 

The conservative blogosphere, naturally, jumped on the story, convinced on another evil conspiracy to take away the people's rights.

PolitiFact checked the facts and, of course, Rush is wrong. Rush couldn't care less, of course, since his whole purpose is to shade the truth to suit his purposes.

The actual facts here.

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Tulsan said...

People living at a subsistence level in this country want to vote against policies that would keep them from going under, in exchange for the fake approbation of multi-millionaires like Rush, who have no other use for them than to extend their own wealth.

Darwin Awards all around, and especially Oklahoma.