Thursday, March 4, 2010

David Corn Tackles Rove's Claims: Bush Administration Not Interested in Truth

Karl Rove is out with his new book. To the surprise of absolutely no one, Rove is still spinning the story of how the Bush team got us into war. 

Thankfully, David Corn has taken a look at Rove's fish story and found some problems, to put it politely. To put it bluntly, the Bush folks lied.

Writing in Mother Jones, Corn sums up the problem:
Rove can argue that in the run-up to the war, Bush and the others believed what they were saying about Iraq's WMDs. But Bush and his crowd demonstrated a profound disinterest in sorting out the truth. They made no effort to distinguish between known facts and convenient suppositions. They exaggerated. They trumped up unconfirmed pieces of information. They presented rosy assumptions. They overlooked or discounted data that didn't advance the cause.
That's right, Sooner fans, Bush and his cronies lied. Corn gets it right:

Bush and his aides, Rove included, were not looking to lead an informed debate based on the best information available; they were aiming to start a war. Almost by any means necessary. They spun the nation into Iraq—and now Rove is spinning to cover that up.

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