Monday, March 15, 2010

Fox News Has a Beck Problem

Howard Kurtz, who writes about the media for the Washington Post, has been talking to the folks at Fox News about Glenn Beck. 

Turns out, there's a problem. (Who coulda guessed?) Kurtz finds that actual reporters at Fox (and there are a few) have major problems with Beck and his convoluted blend of half-truths, jingoism and fact-free assertions. 

Seems that the reporters see Beck as a major credibility problem for the serious news people. (You think?) 

Read the Kurtz column is here.


Tulsan said...


"Both the communists, who are on the left -- they say -- you know, these are communists. And the Nazis are on the right. That's what people say. But they both subscribed to one philosophy, and they flew one banner. One had the hammer and sickle; the other was a swastika. But on each banner read the words, here in America, of this -- 'social justice.'"

What a demogogue. He is going to wear out his 'welcome.'

After drug rehab following his very public fall, maybe he can become a televangelist. Always plenty more suckers out there.

Tulsan said...

From Kurtz' Post article:

"Some staffers say they have watched rehearsals, on internal monitors, in which Beck has teared up or paused at the same moments as he later did during the show. Asked about this, Balfe responded sharply: 'Glenn reacts the same way to issues whether he knows people are watching or not, and is proud to show his emotions, unlike the cowardly, two-faced critics who hide behind anonymity.'"

Aw, c'mon! This guy is as fakey as they come. How dumb do you have to be to miss that?