Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Post Columnist Asks an Important Question: What's Behind the Tea Party Anger?

Eugene Robinson, a columnist for The Washington Post, has written a critique of the anger on the Right, especially the virulent anti-Obama hysteria of the past year.

Robinson's finding won't surprise anyone, I suspect, but he makes a strong case that Obama's race is a motivating factor in the wingnuttery and hatred spewed by some on the Far Right.

The Tea Party's political rhetoric ("Let's take back our country!") is overheated and based on assumptions, Robinson writes, especially when compared to the facts. Yet the facts don't seem to matter to some political operators.

Read Robinson's column here.

1 comment:

Tulsan said...

Robinson is on the nose with that analysis.

The old, frightened white people demographic is destined to decline dramatically in the coming years.

I'm headed to the poll to vote 'No' on all those "get out the reactionary vote" measures.