Friday, October 29, 2010

Some GOP Voters Supporting Democrats to Avoid Republican-Tea Party Extremists

That's right, sports fans, some Tea Party-inspired Republican candidates are causing long-time Republicans to vote for the Democratic candidates. 

Nutty New York candidate for governor, Carl Palidino, has been so offensive that he's alienated his own party base. Ditto Christine O'Donnell, the light-weight Tea Party favorite for the U.S. Senate in Delaware.

These defections are a sure sign of the Tea Party's over-the-top rhetoric and anti-government hysteria. 

Nevertheless, some Tea Party types appear headed for victory Tuesday, which means they'll soon be attempting to govern. Watching that is likely to be very interesting, to say the least.

Read all about the GOP defections here.


Man of the West said...

These defections are a sure sign of the Tea Party's over-the-top rhetoric and anti-government hysteria.

Mild curiousity impels me to ask: if, as widely predicted by most polls, large numbers of the independents that supported Obama and the Democrats peel off and back Republicans this time 'round, of what would that be a sure sign?

Given the number of Democratic candidates that are doing their darndest to distance themselves from the President, with one amusingly going so far as to say the President can shove his endorsement, of what would that be a sure sign?

With some Democrats transparently trying to get Meeks to drop out of the Florida senate race in order to get Charlie Crist elected, of what would that be a sure sign?

Anything? Anything at all?

Tulsan said...

It seems to me that taking any of the craziness as a sure sign of any particular outcome might be a bit premature.

Especially since I truly don't understand the mentality that can take a good look at an O'Donnell, Angle, Palin, Paul, Paladino, Miller, etc. and be able to come away thinking, "Hmmm, this person seems like someone I want to vote for."

Sure, it looks like O'Donnell will lose, but how in God's name could she ever be seen as a serious candidate?

Here is one way to understand it from a TPM reader's perspective:

"I've been watching the scene up here for a while. Politically and culturally speaking, Alaska is really North Oklahoma. Nation-wide, there is a 15-20% part of the population that is hard-core right wing conservative (e.g. the ones who still gave Dick Cheney a thumbs up at the end of the Bush years). Up here, that number is 30-35%. These are your hard-core Miller supporters, and there is almost literally nothing he can do to alienate them so long as he toes their ideological line."

Or like Republican David Vitter in Louisiana, who paid prostitutes for kinky sex with his government salary, yet hasn't lost the "family values" voters.

I know, everyone's a sinner, but come on! That doesn't even raise an eyebrow? What kind of families do these voters have, anyway?

Tulsan said...

Then again, maybe good, old-fashioned native stupidity explains much, as this blog comment seems to suggest:


"Colorado has some weird stuff in the elections tomorrow.

"For one thing, Denver resident Jeff Peckman — the same guy who thought a really badly done video of a Peeping Tom alien was real — went around to other Denverites and got enough signatures to get an initiative on the ballot to create an alien affairs bureau.

"He got enough signatures (though many were apparently faked) to get it on the Denver ballot.

"Colorado Proposition 62 would give a fertilized human egg the status of a person under the law. Yes, seriously. What’s next: giving zygotes the vote?"


Get Out the Zygote Vote! Nothing would surprise me. I'm sure that Zygote-Americans would be required to vote by GOP proxy.