Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jim's Big Joke: Inhofe's Senate Guarantee Falls Flat

Sen. Jim Inhofe is not known for his subtle political reasoning. When it comes to political predictions, the man is a bull in a china shop. 

That would explain Inhofe's recent "guarantee"—yes, he actually used that word—that the midterm elections would lead to a Republican takeover of the U.S. senate.

Well, no. In fact, this was always a long shot, especially after the GOP made Christine O'Donnell their candidate in Delaware. O'Donnell proved to be a flake, which doomed her candidacy.

With O'Donnell and other Tea Party candidates going down in flames, Inhofe's guarantee was worthless. But not as worthless as Inhofe's political legacy in the U. S. senate.


Tulsan said...

Can I get my money back?

Miracle of miracles, Reid defeated Angle, and O'Donnell is sent packing on her broom, which I hope she doesn't abuse during her ride.

Rand Paul... well, I hope the people of Kentucky enjoy having this wacko represent their state for the next four years.

Paul doesn't do well off the leash, and I predict he will frequently piddle on the gubernatorial mansion carpet and worse, to the chagrin and anger of many.

Man of the West said...

This is the kind of stuff that I read you for. On a night when Nancy Pelosi was still predicting, to the sounds of derisive laughter across the nation, that the Democrats would hold the House, does it strike you that mocking Inhofe for his prediction would make you look more than a little bit obliviously one-sided?

Heck no!

Man of the West said...

And, by the way, It's "flat," not "falt." Betcha Jim Inhofe's got enough on the ball to use spellcheck...

Tulsan said...

Last week, Inhofe landed on a runway clearly marked closed, putting workers and everyone on his plane in danger.

One of the eyewitnesses, Sid Boyd, a job superintendent for B-C Co. of Fort Worth, Texas, described a scary scene in which one person ran out onto the runway to try to warn others who were using noisy equipment. Workers barely had enough time to get out of the way, he said.

Workers not only were close enough to feel the "backwash of the propeller," but one was even hit by debris, he said.

"He scared the crap out of me,'' said Boyd, who called the FAA immediately.

"My legs were still shaking by the time I got to the hangar."

Inhofe's response? "It's not my falt."

Alternative Tulsa said...

Damn! MotW nailed us on that "falt" typo. For the record, we were drinking heavily while blogging last night, a way to deal (unsuccessfully, of course) with the GOP tidal wave. On the other hand, it was good to see common sense triumph over nonsense in New York (So long, Carl) and Nevada (Bye, Sharron). When we sober up, we'll highlight a few more bright spots.

Tulsan said...

Would it be cruel (or merely just) to point out that Man of the West committed this misspelling several days ago?


Few of us can be as 'on the ball' as Inhofe, it seems.

Anonymous said...
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