Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Motor Trend' Editor Jumps Rush over Chevy Volt

Rush Limbaugh is almost all hot air, of course, so it's no surprise when El Rushbo spouts off about things he knows nothing about (that's a very, very long list).

This week Rush attacked Motor Trend's praise of the new electric/hybrid Chevy Volt, which (he thinks) is part of the socialist-fascist agenda promoted by that well-known Marxist Muslim leader, Barack Obama.

Naturally, Rush has not seen—much less driven—the car, so he had to base his criticism on his ideological predilections, which are perfectly free of notions such as accuracy and fidelity. Rush don't need no stinkin' facts!

In any case, Motor Trend has seen (and driven) the Volt. They were not amused by Rush's slam, so they slammed back—hard. The facts (surprise!) were in MT's favor. Here's the link.

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Tulsan said...

Run over him, then back over him, Motor Trend!