Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jame Hamsher's Top Ten Surprise Losers (Hint: Sarah Palin Tops the List)

AltTulsa isn't happy with most of the election results, of course, but we like to think positive. With that in mind, AT will be highlighting some of the silver linings from the midterms. 

As we expected, some of the Tea Party overreach went down handily (So long, Christine O'Donnell), but there were other signs of hope from the voters.

Half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, for one, got burned yesterday, always a good sign.

Jane Hamsher, the blogger at FireDogLake, has complied her list of last night's losers, some of whom are painful for AT and its friends.

But the voters have spoken, for better or worse. Read Hamsher's complete list here.


Tulsan said...

Random quotes from abroad about last night:

"America is like the girl that keeps getting back together with that abusive moron everyone hates."

"So, Bush craps all over America's floor and Obama gets slapped for not cleaning it up fast enough. Or have I read that wrong?"

Tulsan said...

p.s., "Jame Hampsher" (vs. Jane Hamsher) is likely to attract the Felix Unger-ish eye and ire of the Man of the West.

Better switch to a different brand than that Election Day swill, Oscar.

Tulsan said...

Then again, I can't say much, since I enjoyed a cocktail or two during the last election, when I (as "The Man") live-blogged here my live participation on KRMG's forum.

Those were the days! Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

In the next two years. I hope the Democrats' messaging improves dramatically, and that the GOP is given all the credit they richly deserve.

Tulsan said...

Rereading the KRMG forum of two years ago, it sounds even dumber today than it did then.