Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meet the Palin Administration: Conservative Writer Imagines the Dream

Sarah Palin is a long, long way from the White House, of course, but that hasn't stopped pundits on the right from creating the Palin cabinet, a dream team of ideologues and hacks who would (presumably) make the world safe for, well, more right-wing ideologues.

Beyond a simpleton like Sister Sarah, we can now dream of Secretary of State John Bolton. Yikes! 

But that's the dream of one Kevin Williamson over at National Review Online. Read the entire silly story here.


Tulsan said...

NRO won me over with statements like these from the article:


Big swaths of the American electorate believe her [Palin] to be unqualified to serve as president, and she hasn’t done much in the past year or so to change voters’ minds.

You don’t have to think Sarah Palin is dull to agree that expounding on fine-grained policy detail has not been her forte...

John Bolton... will strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. Our friends, too. Most awesome political mustache since Bismarck.

The strongest 2012 candidate right now is “Generic Republican,” and Mitt Romney is as close to a generic Republican as the world is apt to see...

Rudy Giuliani
WHY: Because we need some steel in our spine on everything from border-control to straightening out TSA.


Team Palin would be awesome!

Tulsan said...

The following from Digby reminded me of our old Goldberg-lovin' buddy, Man of the West:


Jonah Goldberg, author of the book Liberal Fascism, on C-Span this weekend:

"One of the great failures of my book is that it has popularized the use of 'fascism' as an epithet. And one of the things I was hoping to do, and I failed miserably, is shut down the use of the word 'fascist' as an epithet. Instead it's become bipartisan. And I don't like it. I don't think it's all that helpful. It might help my books sales, but that's not what I had hoped to do."

Yeah, wank harder Jonah.

He wrote that book to further a longstanding phony right wing trope --- the stupid notion that because the word "socialism" was in the name of the Nazi party, they were obviously left, not right. I've heard that nonsense from Birchers and wingnuts for as long as I can remember. You can't blame them for wanting to distance themselves from Hitler. He's been quite unpopular ever since oh, 1938 or so by most people.