Thursday, November 4, 2010

'This Land' Hits the Street with Third Issue; New Tulsa Publication Promotes Local Writing, Art

AltTulsa likes a good story, so we're pleased to put in a few good words for This Land, an wonderful new Tulsa-based monthly that has just published its third issue.

This Land is published in a broadsheet format (think full-sized newspaper), chock full of in-depth stories, photos, art, even (heavens!) poetry. As the nameplate says, the paper publishes local words and local art—"Relevant Readings Regarding Oklahoma."

Editor Michael Mason is bringing intelligent literary and arts journalism to T-town, a refreshing and welcome change of pace from the usual. The November issue, for instance, features a story by Russell Cobb called "Dreams of a Black Oklahoma," a piece that begins with E.P. McCabe, an obscure Kansas politician who wanted to make Oklahoma an all-black state, to the plains of Alberta, where some of the former Okies eventually settled.

Other stories include Joshua Kline's piece on "The White Dove Review," a literary magazine founded in 1959 by some Tulsa teenagers that, as This Land puts it, "created a literary legend." Amazing stuff.

There's much more in issue three of This Land, all of it worth the time and effort to read—and savor. Find a copy and enjoy. Or check the magazine out at their website, which we have linked here.

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