Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fact-checking Bachmann & Talk Radio: $200 Million a Day Claim is Bogus

Being right-wing means never having to say you're wrong.

That is an obvious conclusion from the latest right-wing lie perpetuated by Limbaugh, Drudge and the rest of the wingnut blab-o-sphere, including (of course) lightweight Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, all of whom have claimed that the president's upcoming trip to India will cost $200 million a day.

Well, not exactly. Or, more accurately, not at all. 

The right isn't especially fond of facts they don't like, so when one Indian source made the $200 million claim, the wingnuts ran with it.

More thoughtful folks checked it out and discovered how bogus this really claim was, a claim based on, well, nothing at all—no official figures, no previous experience, nothing.

But facts never stopped the half-baked ideologues on the right from believing whatever hokum they can imagine, reality be damned.

PolitiFact has the evidence, lots of actual facts. The entire sorry story is here.

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