Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hate Radio: Savage Rants about "Left-wing Vermin"

AltTulsa prides itself on civil discourse. We stand for reason and logic and we work hard to avoid name-calling, exaggeration and hateful rants. The way we look at it, such speech is counter-productive and unhelpful to the body politic.

Too bad some on the right don't share this view. We're speaking, of course, of Michael Savage, a talk radio veteran who just can't help himself. For Savage and like-minded conservatives, no excess is too much, no rhetorical hyperbole is too great—IT'S ALL ABOUT SHOUTING AND THOSE EVIL, COMMIE VERMIN.

This is the Savage tone. It's nutty, but apparently somebody is still tuning it. Check out the rant of it here: Savage warns "left-wing vermin."


offlogic said...

Is it any wonder this dick-bag is persona non grata in the UK?

Tulsan said...

I'm not sure what is sadder: Savage (real name of Michael Weiner) or his simpleton audience.