Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Property Owners Only: Tea Party Leader Urges Restriction of Voting Rights

The political nuts are out there, of course, and they seem to be really scared of, well, actual voters. Or at least voters who, unlike them, don't own property.

That's right, ladies and gents, it's roll-back time in America, time to get rid of all those pesky democratic rights (like voting) that the nation (mistakenly) gave to regular (read: poor and/or minority) folks.

Why next thing you know, these poor folks will want to join our country clubs and go to our churches! Heavens! What will the liberals think of next? Women voting? We wouldn't put it past those nutty leftists.

But have no fear—the Tea Party gang is defending us against the great unwashed hordes. The complete story, with audio, is here.

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Ed W said...

Ben Franklin said something about property rights and voting. He asked if the right to vote were inherent in the man or the mule he rode.

"Forward into the Past" would be funny if these people weren't serious.