Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us: AltTulsa Turns Four

AltTulsa is celebrating a birthday. That's right, Sooner fans, we've made it another year—an year of alternative ideas, political commentary, books and more. In five years of blogging, we've made hundreds—no, thousands—of posts on a range of national, state and local topics.

Unlike some of our Internet brethren, AT believes in civil debate and discourse. We try to maintain a reasonable tone and keep our arguments rational. Indeed, we always try to base our arguments on— heavens!—actual facts.

On this celebratory occasion, it is useful to look back at our very first AT post, an excerpt of which we re-post below:
We at Alternative Tulsa (or AT for short) offer this modest site as a place for critiquing the status quo—presenting ideas, facts, opinions, and commentaries from a critical perspective. The word "critical" is used advisedly here; we don't mean simply negative. We mean, instead, news and views that present alternatives to the easy and simple answers that most people adopt unthinkingly. Here at Alternative Tulsa, we want to push the boundaries, to present ideas—even unpopular ideas—that expand the public dialogue about Tulsa's political, ideological and cultural life.

1 comment:

Tulsan said...

Congratulations, and thanks for injecting a regular dose of common sense and uncommon thought into these here parts for the last four years. I welcomed it, and I'm still very appreciative of what AT brings to the city.

Many of the local right-wing blogs have dried up and blown away over that time, but you are still going strong.

Four more years!